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Lisa is committed to continuing Cobb's success without leaving 

people or communities behind. Cupid is All-IN in Cobb with goals to lead with Integrity, Intelligent Decision Making, Inclusivity, Innovation, and Investment in

Cobb’s People, Infrastructure and Future.


  • Protected the integrity of the Board in joining with staff to educate citizens about the impact of cityhood on county operations. She has also boldly stood up for Cobb to ensure all commissioners can complete their full 4-year terms despite legislative efforts to impede service.

  • Executed emergency orders and held partnership meetings with public health, hospital officials, and emergency responders to best protect citizens, staff and hospital responsiveness. 

  • Tackled citizen trash complaints even amid controversy resulting in renewed partnership of hauling organizations that are committed to better addressing citizen concerns. 

  • Encouraged internal audit's review of Cobb’s election process to address challenges with absentee ballots. 

  • Balanced support of our military base and safety of nearby communities resulted in Cupid holding annual meetings to discuss shared interests and concerns. 

Intelligent-Decision Making

  • Led Cobb during its 25th year of achieving Triple AAA bond status while budgets have revived annual funding of capital projects and implemented measures to improve operations and staff retention. 

  • Worked with finance and county attorneys to strengthen Cobb’s agreements with the Coliseum Authority and Cobb Travel and Tourism resulting in additional marketing and investment across the county. 

  • Reset county efforts to renew its service delivery agreement with cities to improve trust and collaboration. 

  • Supporting strategic planning and a performance audit to improve alignment of goals and efficiency. Performance measures will better guide achievement of county goals and outcomes.


  • Funded the county’s first DEI Position 

  • Initiated partnership with United Way and Gas South to conduct a racial equity challenge which had over 400 participants. United Way resultantly led a county effort to assess equity across the county and has committed to making further investment in equity in Cobb.  

  • Prompted partnership with a consultant to better engage citizens and nonprofits in use of American Rescue Plan funding which resulted in input from 3000 stakeholders and an award of 90M to over 80 organizations to provide services to help recover from the pandemic. 

  • Held multiple stakeholder meetings with minority, women, and veteran owned businesses to help broaden procurement policy and outreach. The county is now in the selection process of a consultant to complete a disparity study to set legal benchmarks for disadvantaged business participation. 

  • Broadened county submission of directed spending requests resulting in funding of more projects county-wide.


  • Prompted creation of a call center during the pandemic which is now being repurposed into a general 311 call center for all residents. 

  • Joined Cobb in its first ever partnership with Fulton, Gwinnett, DeKalb, and adjoining cities along I-285 to add transit to the I-285 Express Lanes. Efforts also resulted in the expansion of the project down to Veterans Memorial and ultimately into HE Holmes MARTA station to better reach south and west Cobb residents. 

  • Ensured staff  assessment of environmental impact on zoning case analyses to protect communities. 

  • Supported added technology in Cobb’s policing practices so that culprits, not communities or suspected classes are targeted.


  • Supported provision of over $50M in rental assistance helping 5000 households.

  • Helped stem attrition by improving Minimum Pay to $17/ hr and adopting competitive wages as part of a Pay & Class Study

  • Dedicated funding for commissioners to respond to citizens' requests and interests.

  • Improved county responsiveness in adding code enforcement officers, road crew leaders, event management staff, a housing complaint coordinator, a real estate division, fleet technicians, a librarian and funding to reduce our court backlog

  • Proposed adopted budgets funding step and grade funding for first responders and regular merit increases for employees.

  • Initiated projects to provide a public health facility, recreation center, and employment center in underserved communities.

  • Established Creation of Youth Commission. 

  • Funded our sheriff’s 24 hour mental health services, capital for the DA’s family advocacy center and staff for our DA to provide alternatives to prosecution of non-violent offenders.

  • Supported Special Local Option Sales Tax Programs that continue to provide hundreds of millions of dollars for park and trail expansion, road improvements, sidewalk connection and other capital projects.


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