Lisa's vision is to lead Cobb and engage stakeholders in a way that best promotes and keeps the county as a welcoming, vibrant and inclusive community that  attracts families, businesses, and visitors and where all want to stay, grow and thrive.

Practice Sound, Thoughtful Governance

Advocate for the efficient use of tax dollars to provide the high level of service all our citizens should expect in a first-rate county. This entails sound fiscal practices, bench-marking, regular review of performance data,  soliciting feedback from employees and citizens, and considering synergy and overlap with other public and private organizations.

Enhance and Improve Transportation

Support transportation policies that reduce congestion, improve safety, strengthen transit, augment our bike and pedestrian network, and improve mobility across the county and region. Our citizens should have quality options, whether it be to get to work, school, essential services, attractions, or to simply connect to others.

Strengthen our Community

Maintain and foster the desirability of communities through policies and programs that cultivate a sense of place and belonging. Lisa supports efforts to increase visual beauty and character across our county; ensure attractive, quality housing; strengthen locally-owned businesses; reduce litter; maintain our greenspace and waterways; protect the environment; and promote physical, recreational and cultural activity.

Prioritize Health of Residents and Economy

Put the health, safety, and welfare of citizens first in our response and recovery to the COVID-19 epidemic. Support efforts to address other health challenges in our county related to maternal and infant mortality, obesity, mental health disorders, sexually transmitted diseases, and exposure to environmental toxins and pollutants.

Support Public Safety

Protect communities and first responders through use of community-oriented policies and programs, technology, and metrics to deter crime and keep communities safe.  Criminal deterrents may extend beyond day-to-day activity to include youth outreach, workforce development, civic engagement, and successful re-entry of offenders.

​​Support Businesses of All Sizes

Support technical assistance of our small businesses. Promote programming that connects businesses to each other and to contract opportunities with the county and general contractors. Support incentives to encourage neighborhood businesses and targeted industries to locate in moderate income areas and to employ residents who face barriers to employment. Maintain an environment that retains large businesses and encourages entrepreneurship.

Embrace Collective Leadership

Identify shared goals, initiatives, partnerships and learning opportunities among our stakeholders-- businesses, non-profits, education providers, government organizations, civic groups, elected officers, etc.-- and also within our board.  

Be Open and Transparent

Foster open government. Use frequent and varied communication to best inform citizens, businesses, stakeholders and employees of county matters. Consider and engage our citizens in the spirit of cooperation, recognizing them as our primary stakeholders. 

Address Disparities

Recognize and address inequity as it pertains to  health, poverty, employment, housing quality and affordability, and economic and civic participation across gender, race, age, and income.